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1. Copy the content to your game folder, except the remoteServer.xml file.

2. Copy file remoteServer.xml to your server, or use pastebin.com

3. Edit file modpackVersion.xml and change the <RemoteServer>http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=sxJfcJwq</RemoteServer> to your server (or pastebin raw url)

4. Edit modpackCheck.xml, read comments and adjust it to your needs.


0.0.10 Beta
Adapted for WoT 9.17.x
Fixed links from Notification Center

0.0.9 Beta
Added option to set 7200 in modpackCheck.xml
Reworked to the new mod loading system
Corrected some typos

0.0.7 Beta
Reworked script and returned detailed loggigng.
Corrected time for next check to 7200 seconds. 

New in file modpackCheck.xml:      
New option to add an icon and set dimensions. 
* Leave the the  tag empty if you don't want use an icon
Added tag 

New in file remoteServer.xml:   
Paste a dash - in ,  and/or  if you dont want display them in Notifications center. E.g. - 
Dont leave the tags in remoteServer.xml empty (e.g. ). Otherwise you will get errors.

fixed bug with empty element names

added more detailed logging for remote server connection. 
Now you will see error code in python log, eg:
Remote file: The server couldn't fulfill the request.
Error code: 404


webium's modpack version checker 0.0.10 HOT


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