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    Heavily modified locastan's UT Announcer

    To top things off with a cherry, Locastan did an UT Announcer mod to give you a heads up when the remaining battle time before "Draw!" is getting critical and some nice arcade.
    A nice female announcer voice will alert you at 5 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 1 Minute, 30 Seconds time left and finally count down the last 5 remaining seconds. Also the UT announcer counts your kills now...can you get 15 Kills to be "GODLIKE!" ? ;)

    If you are not using any other sound mods and your \res_mods\0.9.x\ folder dosn't contain "audio" folder, you must either:

    • Copy all files from \res\audio\ to \res_mods\0.9.x\audio\ (recommended)
    • or
    • Copy those four files from \res_mods\0.9.x\audio\ to \res\audio\ folder and delete the "audio" folder in \res_mods\0.9.x\

    Otherwise it will not work

    Killcounter voices preview

    Added 2s delay befor voice, so they are not mixing with the system ones.

    1. First Blood

    2. Double Kill

    3. Tripple Kill, Hattrick

    4. Mega Kill

    5. Multi Kill

    6. Top Gun!

    7. Ultra Kill

    8. Monster Kill

    9. Ludicrous Kill

    10. Killing Spree

    11. Unstoppable

    12. Massacre

    13. God Like

    14. Holy Shit

    15. Unreal


    UT Announcer Pack 0.9.13 HOT


    System System  0.9.13 | Changed Date 2015-12-16 |

    Date 2013-09-15
    File Size 1.99 MB
    Download 2,216

    Additional Info

    • Author: locastan
    • Installation Instructions: Extract to: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\
    Last modified on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 08:57
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