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This is a pack of mods, which i'm using in the game. XVM-6.8.2 #7826


From version 2.10 there is no need to uninstall before update. Downloaded files are now stored in \webium-download\ folder - this files are not deleted after installation, so you can manualy extract the mod to your game in case of error by extracting. + you get popup with error message. Even by changing the installation, or updating, these files will be not downloaded again. But will be deleted when uninstalling the modpack.

From 0.8.10 is modpack as installer (CZ/DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL/PL/RO) - with selectable options to install. With installer you can easy change, repair or remove the modpack from Control Panel, or run "webiums modpack" icon on your Desktop.

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SixthSense sounds

1. Sirene 10 secs

2. Short Buzz

3. Sauron Voice

4. Buzz + timer 10 secs

5. It's a Trap

6. Long Loud

7. Long Quiet

Killcounter voices

Added 2s delay befor voice, so they are not mixing with the system ones.

1. First Blood

2. Double Kill

3. Tripple Kill, Hattrick

4. Mega Kill

5. Multi Kill

6. Top Gun!

7. Ultra Kill

8. Monster Kill

9. Ludicrous Kill

10. Killing Spree

11. Unstoppable

12. Massacre

13. God Like

14. Holy Shit

15. Unreal

If you like my modpack and want to support me, you can do it by one of the following:
1. buy PREMIUM modpack (Serial Number), and you get:

Thank You!


webium's mods pack v9.19.1.2_01 HOT


Mirror 1

System System | Changed Date 2017-08-17

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Date 2013-08-30
File Size 115 MB
Download 1,347,370


Webiums modpack CT CT #00 HOT


Mirror 1

System System CT | Changed Date 2017-07-06
Registered users can download without adf.ly

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Date 2013-10-17
File Size 92.6 MB
Download 71,075

Additional Info

  • Author: webium
  • Installation Instructions: Run installer, select desired mods, enjoy.


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