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9.19.1 Contest Winners

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In Contest WoT "9.19.1 with" can participate everyone of you, who:

- support us by one of the following

  • buying PREMIUM package in Patch, or
  • has an annual Serial Number (ONE Year PREMIUM) valid at least until 2.9.2017, or
  • has donated in the current patch more than 5, - € in Patch, or
  • got the Contest Code from someone

- plays on EU, NA or ASIA server

- registers into Contest on our site using the obtained Code: Submit Code

- comply with the rules and conditions of contest.

The event runs from 16.7.2017 and the deadline ends on 2.9.2017 at 23:59 CET (UTC + 1)

Enter your 8 characters long Contest Code



PREMIUM WG account for 90 days


PREMIUM WG account for 30 days


PREMIUM WG account for 14 days

Terms and conditions:

  1. The Consumers Contest “WoT 9.19.1 with” (hereinafter referred to as Contest) will be organized by WEBIUM s.r.o., Konopná 19, Levice 934 05, Slovakia, the website operator (hereinafter referred to as Organizer).
  2. For purposes of the present Rules, the Contest participant (hereinafter referred to as the Participant) is considered every natural person meeting conditions of participation in the Contest pursuant to the Contest Rules and Conditions.
  3. Every person, who decides to support the “webium modpack” development by purchasing any of PREMIUM packages or by donating money using the “Donate” button from 16.7.2017 to 2.9.2017 23:59 CET (UTC+1) and who thus obtains a valid Contest Code (hereinafter referred to as the Code) or obtain a valid Code as a gift from a purchaser/donator, may participate in the Contest. Such a person shall then use the Contest Code for registering on the Organizer’s webpage: Enter the Code
  4. The Code will be sent together with the Serial Number (hereinafter referred to as SN), so if anybody obtains or have obtained a valid SN for Patch, he/she will also obtain a valid Code. Codes will be sent to the following types of SNs and solely to SN owners: SN for Patch (1 x Contest Code), Clan 20 for Patch (3 x Contest Code), Clan 50 for Patch (5 x Contest Code), Multi-Patch SN - ONE Year (with validity at least until 2.9.2017, 1 x Contest Code) as well as to SNs assigned to donators donating money using the button “Donate” (such SNs shall be valid within the validity period of Patch or by the end of the month 7/2017 and assigned in a valid form and in accordance with conditions described in our shop at the given types of SNs). 
  5. The Codes shall not be used later than on 2.9.2017 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1). This date and time is the Contest deadline. After the deadline you cannot use your Code or participate on the Contest toss anymore.  
  6. Repeated registrations of the same Code in the Contest are forbidden and will be excluded from the Contest. However, a Contest Participant may register several different Codes in the Contest. The more Codes obtained and registered by the Contest Participant, the greater chance to win.
  7. The Contest toss will be performed using the service The toss will be performed privately in Organizer’s premises. Only usernames of the winners and their Codes used for registration in the Contest will be made public.
  8. The toss out of all registered Participants will be performed on 3.9.2017 by 20:00 CET (UTC+1) and the Organizer will release the name of the Winner on its website on the day of tossing.
  9. Prizes will be from the WG shop (see the list of prizes above in the “Prizes:” section) and sent to the winners of the toss upon an agreement, but not sooner than 24 hours after the official announcement of the winners. Prize can be sent only to: EU, NA, or ASIA server. Winners will be contacted through their emails entered at their registrations on the Organizer’s website.
  10. Winners are obliged to inform the Organizer of the type of vehicle to be sent to them in accordance with the type of tossed prize. At the same time, they have to provide their nicks used in the game World of Tanks and names of servers where they use the nicks, namely within ten days from the announcement of results, i.e. by 13.9.2017, 20:00 CET (UTC+1). If a winner fails to proceed so, the Organizer will not be able to send the Prize and will have to keep it.
  11. If a prize winner already owns the vehicle included in the prize, the whole price of the vehicle at the time of purchase in the premium shop will automatically be paid in Golds. No vehicle will then be transferred onto the recipient’s account (refer to WG – PREMIUM SHOP RULES, item 5., gift = win).
  12. The Organizer will keep the winnings, which do not reach their recipients or which are not taken over by them after 30 days from the date of their shipments or after the winner refused to take his/her prize over (refer to WG – PREMIUM SHOP RULES, items 2. and 3., gift = win).
  13. If the winner is under the age of 18, his/her legal representative or guardian or authorized representative will take the prize over on behalf of the winner.
  14. The Contest Organizer takes no responsibility for delivery of the prizes after their shipments.
  15. The prizes will be handed over to those Contest Participants only, who meet the Contest rules and conditions stated therein and whose claims are confirmed by the Organizer. If any dispute regarding claims for winnings provided for this Contest occurs, the Organizer’s standpoint will prevail.
  16. Participants taking their parts in the Contest are aware of the fact that they may not require winnings beyond the scope defined by the Organizer. At the same time, Contest Participants are aware of the fact that, in terms of Section 845 of the Civil Code No. 40/1964 Coll. as amended, they may not enforce their winnings by court or otherwise.
  17. The Organizer is entitled to exclude those Participants from the Contest and toss, who do not adhere to the rules and conditions or who violate rules of fair play.
  18. Participants shall not be Organizer’s employees or persons contracted by the Organizer or its relatives or close persons.
  19. Each Participant taking part in the toss expresses his/her consent with the Organizer’s right to publish the Participant’s Username and winning Code on the Organizer’s website for purposes of announcing winners of the Contest toss.
  20. Participants’ personal data will be processed for purposes of assessment, tossing, announcement, and handover of Contest prizes only.
  21. The Organizer bears no responsibility for printing errors or other errors of or damages to the information materials regarding the Contest.
  22. Participation in the Contest is voluntary and Participants taking parts therein express their consent with its Rules and with adherence thereto. Any circumvention of the Rules by a Participant or his/her attempt to abuse them give a ground for his/her immediate exclusion from the Contest.
  23. Every complaint or objection is ultimately decided by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Contest rules or prizes provided for the toss at any moment within the Contest duration, to interrupt the toss, expand or reduce duration of the toss, postpone or cancel it without any compensation.

The Contest is organized in the territory of the Slovak Republic and is governed by the Slovak law. 

All other matters of the Contest as well as relations between the Participant and Organizer are governed by the Slovak law.

In Levice 17.7.2017


Patch = one version of WOT - "WOT version" marked as 0.9.XX (eg. 0.9.9 or 0.9.10)

SN = Serial Number, that receive donors for "buying PREMIUM" but here is it a form of gift for developing webium's modpack.

Owner = registered user, that made the buy of PREMIUM in our shop.

WOT = game World of Tanks

WG =




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