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It's made by the Smellyriver studio a group of chinese players.


Tank Inspector HOT
System: 0.9.0 | Changed: 2014-05-09
Created: 2014-01-19

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Last modified on Friday, 20 June 2014 00:05


# hugog2773 2014-06-19 23:47
hey guy,awesome m.packs you've assembled here,but i'm trying to install this Tank Inspector mod and it says drop/merge it in the main WOT game file but when I do that it routes itself with all the others like res resmods screenshot replays and so on.shouldn't it be in the 9.1 folder cause its not working from the main file like you've suggested ty
# webium 2014-06-20 00:04
sorry mate, that install info is a generic template and is wrong (need fix it). Just extract the archive to some custom folder e.g. C:\Games\Inspector and run Smellyriver.TankInspector.exe from the folder.